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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 15, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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abc7 news begins with breaking news. >> good morning. i am reggie aqui. >> i am jessica castro here for natasha zouves but, first, the fire that is burning in lake county. thousands are evacuated, thousands of acres have burned.
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now, to amy hollyfield. she is in downtown lower lake this morning. you can see the destruction is massive. amy? >> yes, look behind me at this rubble. this is where a two story office building sued on main street the can you see the stairs are still standing but nothing else. this is next to the habitat for humanity office building which was also destroyed. here is a look at the fire burning yesterday that tore through the town of lower lake and it burned cars and businesses and homes. firefighters have not assessed how many or specifically which buildings. they say that will take them some time. 4,000 people have been evacuated, people here say that it was amaze telling see this huge fire invade their town. ait is something else to see this in person and be here and see a fire kick up from a grass fire and jump down interest a building and leap over buildings and catch another building on
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fire. >> fires say that 3,000 acres have burned and it is 5% contained. those are the numbers from last night. worry expecting new numbers later this morning. her to calling this the clayton fire, as of right new they say it is burning toward the northeast away to homes and residents. but no evacuation orders have been lifted. here is a picture of downtown in the neighborhood. you can still see fire burning near with e betters and hot spots but in active firefight going on. fires are here. they are watching it. they are not spraying water. they say this is because they are conserving it. in they do not think it will make a difference they are going to save it for when they really need it. >> that destruction behind her is jaw dropping. firefighters from around the bay area are helping battle the flames in lake county with our team coverage with matt in daly
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city. matt? >> yes, good morning, jessica. help is on the way. several fire departments in the bay area are sending people and resources to lake county. including fire station 94 here in daly city. check out the video of them getting ready yesterday. the firefighters were packing up their gear and getting instructions, ready for what they are going to face on the front lines of the clayton fire joining several other crews including woodside fire protection district to help in lake county and get to work right away. >> chances are the way the fire is migrating and starting to intensify, we are more than likely going to be deployed to an assignment immediately upon arrival. >> here is the list of the bay area fire departments battling the clayton fire, south san francisco, san francisco, daly city, marin county, mountain view, and palo alto. the jobs will vary, some help on the front lines, others could cover for the local stations, providing medical services for
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the hole residents. thank you, matt. several schools in,000 unified school district closed because of the fire including lower lake high school and lower lake elementary, carl high school, and the education center, buns valley, and east lake and clear lake creativity center. we have it posted on >> the clayton fire is the latest in a series of major fires that have forced residents if lake county to evacuate. the fires last area include the valley fire, that puts the third most destructive fire in state history. the 76,000 acre fire destroyed 2,000 homes and killed four people. then there was the jerusalem fire last august, charred more than 25,000 acres and destroyed six homes and that overlaps with the rocky fire which burned 69,000 acres and 43 homes destroyed in that fire. >> stay with abc for continued
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coverage of the clayton fire and we will update the developments for you all morning long, and you will have updates the moment they happen with our free news app. enable push alerts and we hold over to mike nicco to see in the weather will help for the firefighters out there today. mike? >> in the short-term, no. it will get worst before it is better. we did not get much of a recoupation with humidity at 20% and continues are 71. but at least the winds are fairly calm. we will look at what is going to happen with the winds they are quiet this morning but at noon, that is when they will pick up and start to blow out in the southeast and switch directions to west and to the knot. they will who all over the place and that is unfortunate because that blows embers. it could start new spot fires. as we head deeper in the week, 93 and a cool of the day until 93 on friday. it is the weekend when possibly they could get a better chance of getting a handle on this with
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the weather. 98 tomorrow. 100 on wednesday. that is not good. >> looking at the visibility issues, we have a fog advisory for the golden gate bridge and behind me in the bay bridge, socked in at the top of the bridge so you may have a little deficit the reduced visibility in several areas and maybe a little bit of mist on the windshield. we are better now as far as bart, still dealing with a 10-minutedly at daly city in the pittsburg and bay point and dublin/pleasanton, because of early traffic inspections but the inspections are done and we should be rid of that in a few minutes. another traffic update in continue minutes. >> a south bay -- rather, a san jose neighborhood is on edge because of a series of shootings but police may have caught the person responsible after a high speed chase on sunday morning. here is the latest. >> this is a chase that ended with the driver be taken into
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custody. he sped on the city streets in excess of 120 miles per hour trying to get away from the officers. according to the police radio dolls, they believe this car is connected to the series of shootings near blossom hill road. >> black charger matches the vehicle of the 246s occurring. >> a spokesman said that the detectives have not yet been able to connect the driver to the shooting. the chase started when an officer spotted the vehicle at this pizza place on blossom hill road at 2:30 in the morning. there have been ten vehicles shot at with a couple of people injured the last 2 1/2 months. residents in the neighborhood told me off camera tonight, they are so unmemberred some of them will avoid the who will area at night. the area some people avoid includes blot some hill, and a resident who drives through early in the morning said he tries an unusual strategy to avoid being a target.
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i have my visor on the window. he hopes by driving with both down he can obscure his head from a would-be shooter. a delivery driver said that the series of shootings has him hyper aware. >> i have two more spots but we do it until 11:00 and...when it is night you have to watch out. >> the early morning chase has not officially been connected to the shootings it shows the effort that san jose police are making in trying to -- a culprit in san jose. >> los gatos couple facing charges of sexually abusing their adopted son is expected to be back in court. the i-team broke the story in march with the victim denis flynn filed a lawsuit. according to court records, dennis, now 23, told police his adoptive father, ralph glen, started abusing him when he was nine. his mother, carolyn, joined in when he was 15. the judge is going to set a date for the preliminary hearing and
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ralph will enter a plea today. >> oakland voters will decide the fate of the bond to grab the city streets and falls in november. our media patch, the mercury news, reports $1 million would be earmarked for affordable housing, and $350 million to update city streets and bicycle lanes and sidewalks. the survey found two-thirds of residents support the bond measure and it is likely to pass. >> happening today for thousands of students in the bay area, speaker break is over. the start of the any school year for san francisco unifyied school units and the mayor will greets the returning students and remember, parents, a new state law in affect last in requires children to have proof of their vaccination. good luck to the students. and their teachers. >> good morning, everyone. here is a look at the day planner, the temperature are going to be cool at the coast,
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and hot again. temperatures are in the 90 this. what we trying to deal with right now is a computer that is not i will walk back over and see in i can get it to work. during afternoon hours, the clouds are going to roll back to the coast. when that happened we are beginning to be stuck in the 40's while everyone else is in the 70s around the bay, and 80s inland and even some 90 in the east by. not quite so hot as over the weekend. if you wake up right new on the east bay shore, tomorrows are running from 53 in castro valley to 57 in deck and hayward and union city and fremont. now, 60 right now in antioch and novato at 54 and napa is 53 and oakland and san san carlos and fremont all at 57. 51 in san jose. here is a look at the golden gate bridge, misty at times, and fog is going to develop the next couple of hours and as we go into the next three days, the temperatures ramp up and especially inland climaxing on
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wednesday, with cooler wet on the way in the back what of the seven-day forecast. that is remaining up next. alexis? >> we have nothing major to worry about so far. all moving loan fine. westbound nato on the san mateo bridge, volume is starting to fill in a little bit but over all, we are seeing an average drive so far and as mentioned we have a lot of students heading back-to-school in many areas including san francisco, a last schools in the south bay. it is heating up northbound 101 through the morgan hill stretch we had road work that wrapped up at 5:00 a.m., 3 1/2 or 4 files of heavy crimestoppers -- stop-and-go traffic. tracy to dublin is in the yellow and southbound 101 into san francisco. but no major block incidents. >> a rescue caught on camera. next, the coast guard saved four people from this capsized boat. >> you would never expect to see
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an eye clinic here on a jet. coming up, a look at a concept giving new meaning
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walnut creek, burlingame, campbell, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> now our breaking news, a destructive wildfire buns in lake county and the clayton fire is burning in lower lake and clear lake this morning because of high winds and high temperatures.
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it expanded inside yesterday afternoon. so for, 3,000 acres have burned. right now, it is only 5% contained. at least continue structures have been destroyed but the number will likely go up. crews from all over the state have been called in to help and this morning, more than 500 homes are threatened. >> also bragging overnight police say they have arrested the suspected gunman who shot and killed a police officer in georgia. the clarke said that 24-year-old was arrest floridaed if overnight. they have not given out other details but the officer tim smith was responding to a suspicious person when on saturday night he got identity of the vehicle, the patrol car, walked up and was shot and killed by the suspect. >> crews are at a park in san francisco in the north beach this week where a summer was critically injured by a falling tree him. the woman trends in critical condition. she was at washington square pack on friday. a 100-pound tree limb fowl and
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hit her in the head. the city inspectors will look at all of the trees at the park this week. >> a four year old girl is recovering this morning after getting dragged away in the familiar camp site by a mountain lion. here are the details in "first look." >> a child vs. the while. >> we did not thing we were in danger but it was passing through. but, now we know it was stalk the kids because they came up for dinner. >> fur-year-old was camping with her family this weekend in idaho and the mother put her down for a nap. >> it was after dinner i took her into the tent because they were play together. >> she wandered off and the mother said a giant mountain lion pounced trying to carry the child off. the mother juneed in. >> a it grabbed her with the teeth and flipped her over and went to grab again. we were there. i ran to her, screaming, like running at the lion, scooped her
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and she was clinging to me and i look at her body. >> we look at how the family's quick action saved their little girl. that is "first look," for abc in new york. >> in florida four people are recovering after the coast guard rescued them from a capsized boat south of ft. myers beach. a good samaritan in the area overheard a faint distress call and relayed the information to the coast guard. when they got there, four people including a child were clinging to their bet. all four were wearing life jackets and no one was hurt. there is no word on what causes the boat to flip. >> so happen they are okay. >> we have been seeing and i thought it was 2:30 in the morning a haze but there is actually d. w or maybe some drops on my windshield coming up in? >> mist toize drizzle as the
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marine layer is expanding compared to yesterday morning. can you see cloud cover southbound 101? san rafael we have highlights sunny an the bay and inland and not so warm today but, notice, the heat is building back tom and wednesday after more clouds tonight. but the back half of the forecast probably cooler than what we have had for a couple days. the breezes are light in many areas but fairfield is gusting up to 30 miles per hour so we have a good stout sea breeze. now, as we hold through the morning, by noon, everyone is cleared out but for the coast, and at the coast, not a lot of sunshine today so we will see what it does to the temperatures starting in the south bay, are we have upper 70s in milpitas, and los gatos and morgan hill and gilroy, san jose is 81 and move up the peninsula, it is 69 in millbrae and everyone el is in the mid-to-upper 70s and along cost we are in the upper 50s and downtown is 62 and south san francisco is 66 and at the game, pirates are in time,
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dress warmly at 69. in the north bay we are going to find temperatures warmer here, 82 at santa rosa and lakeport is 93, hot today, and hotter the next couple days. and 78 and refreshing. east bay shore, berkeley, upper 60, and fremont is 80, our last stop, everyone in the low-to-mid 90. here is my seven-day forecast, you will notice the heat is at the height on wednesday then drops and below average for the weekend. have a good one. how is the commute? alexis? good morning. >> good morning, mike. you will have decent amount of company in you are traveling on westbound 80 through emeryville to the bay bridge from berkeley. but no major blocking issues. the traffic map shows the slow spots westbound 580 from tracy, through the altamont pass, several miles of stop-and-go traffic and our only minor issues so for today, northbound
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680 beyond highway 242 the lighter side of traffic at concord, someone took out a fence, and they had debris in the lane one, trying to get it cleaned up. i don't think we will see any backup but i will keep a close eye on that. >> the unique plain that flies away the world is helping to prevent blindness is seeking help from silicon valley. the orbit eye hospital landed yesterday, a united states hospital with high-tech operating room on the plane treating people around the globe suffering from vision problems including cataracts. the program operates on donations and organizers are here hoping to get new technology sponsors in the bay area. >> 285 million people are blind or have avoidable low vision. 80% are treatable. >> the company is a teaching hospital where doctors may climb aboard the cargo area to learn to cataract surgery experts and
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to practice on similarity. the front of the plane is a classroom where the doctors can watch the surgeries happening in 3-d. aincredible. >> to clarify the teddy birds are prompts. author not doing operations. >> props. >> speed is the had line not olympics with the fat of the human beings on earth on the fooled including the fastest of them all. here is the report from rio de janeiro. >> at olympic stadium inry provide with the women's social media my finals america strong, philiss francis was first in the heat and allison felix followed. and hastings qualified for tuesday. in the men's 100 meet are race to crown the fastest man alive, two time and defending gold medalist last the challengers in the dust scorching his way down the track snagging gold for the third straight time, no man has done that before. american finished second.
5:22 am
with silver. south africa placed his way to go in world record time, and american merit finished with the bronze. golden girl, simone, is three for three, and the gymnast vaulted her way into history, becoming the first american woman to score gold medicals on the vault. she is also the first united states woman to around three gold medals in gymnastics in a single game add this to her team finals. and all around title. and show still has two more opportunities this week. her teammates competing on the uneven bars. madison took home the silver. 2012 clam came in 7th for douglas. in gymnastic, alexander got the bronze in the final and in tennis, the mixed double gold memorial day was all american, venus william and her partner had to settle for silver losing the gold to teammates.
5:23 am
andy murray beat an argentine for the second olympic singles gold medal. american basketball account up the women with the women trouncing china by 40 points. but the men, again, barely held off the opponents beating france by only three points. in beach valley ball americans carry jennings and ross in action, beating australia in the quarter finals. >> i am from brazil and love the games that they are in rio de janeiro and watching a lot of them. all the seven thing you need to know use start the day. >> the two san francisco neighborhoods where people will be fully equipped with body cameras and where a new dunkin' donuts is opening this
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breaking news: the clayton fire in lake county has burned 3,000 acres. it started on saturday night. ten structures have been destroyed. the number is likely to go up. >> two, several schools in the unified school district are closedded to because of the fire. we have the full list on there is a townhall tonight in middletown regarding the fire. >> three, several strike teams across the bay area have been dispatched to the clayton fire. scenes from miff movie and south san francisco and marin county are a few examples of the help heading north. >> four, the latest at fire and in the short term it is not good. this is good news in the back half focusing at home closer, we have a 1-4 degree drop compared to yesterday but i have heat on the way. in the seven-day outlook. >> we get word of trouble with mass transit for number six hear we have the san francisco bay ferry between vallejo and san francisco canceled at 8:00 a.m.
5:27 am
trip so they do have shuttle buses in place and i will keep an eye on this through the morning. >> throughs in louisiana are waking up in shelters after daze of heavy rain forcing the rivers to overflow their banks. this number is unbelievable: 20,000 people have been rescued from their homes and the high waters. >> seven, the second bay area dunkin' donuts location is oning help in half half moon -- is opn half moon bay. >> i know their are few and far between, it is a doughnut. >> a doughnut. >> but it is a good doughnut. >> we will come back with a full 90 minutes of news including the forecast in milwaukee after another deadly pose shooting. >> more coverage of the fire burning in lake county including how a man's pool helped him
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abc7 news begins with breaking news. >> in lake county, a massive fast moving wildfire is threatening structures and forcing thousands of people out of their hopes. >> i am reggie aqui. >> i am jessica castro. >> this is the clayton fire affecting the area on the screens lower lake and clear lake. and holding north. the fire so far has destroyed ten homes and that is the official count but that number is likely to go higher when there is daylight today. >> amy hollyfield is in downtown lower lake with the latest. the scene is incredible. >> good morning, it is very smoky here, still, on main street and that because behind me there is fire burning here and firefighters are watching it, carefully, and they have their hoses drawn.
5:31 am
you will notice they are not spraying any on it and at this point, water would not make a difference so they are conserving water and the destruction has been done. lower lake was in the fire path, businesses and homes and cars destroyed with no injuries reported. firefighters evacuated 4,000 people so it appears that everyone is safely escaped. lake county suffered from three did stating fires at this time last year and now this. firefighters are say they are confident in the ability to rebound. >> there has been a lot of devastation in the community but the community is strong from everything i have seen, there has been a lost regrowth and rebuilding and a lot of what you can see, a lot of damage in lower lake. hopefully the community bounces back. >> right now, firefighters say 3,000 acres have burned so far in the fire that they are call the clayton fire and it is 5% contained. we do expect updated numbers
5:32 am
later this morning. look at the picture of the rubble here on main street. just one of many examples we have eastbound, it was a two story office building, a real estate office on the bottom floor. the stairs are still standing and everything else has burned to the ground. right now, firefighters are saying ten structures have burned and that is the official number the we can look around and tell you we suspect the number will go up, firefighters needing to assess what has bumped county how many buildings have burned and it could take a while. one resident was creative to stray safe and used a pool to put out hot spots before firefighters got to the neighborhood. he and his son used the pool as shoal step from the flames. >> how long were you in the pool? about 20, 15 minutes or so, it was intense with the smoke
5:33 am
and fire and sparks were blowing. eight fire bound several businesses in the downtown area of lower lake and they are stand in downtown for us, live, this morning. the habitat for humanity office is destroyed over the stretch. all the fire has closed st. helena hospital in clear lake until further notice and patients were evacuated and according to the lake county news the hospital said all of the patients were transferred to shut are lakeside hospital in lakeport. the two. 40s are 28 miles apart. authorities had to cull an ambulance from an the county to move the patients. >> pg&e has turned off piles to miles of electrical lines to make it safer for the firefighters. this morning, more than 8,300 homes and businesses have no power with the flames damaging 20 pg&e power poles. there is in estimate on when power will be restored. >> we will check with amy
5:34 am
hollyfield through the morning to get updates from the fire, and you can get the updates with our newsup, download it and inable push alerts for up to the minute updates as they happen. >> now, we will see watt weather is like this morning and how it becomes the fire. mike, it will get worse before it is better? >> good morning, everyone, temperatures are 72 and humidity is up 20-22% and the winds are southeast at three miles per hour blow up to five miles per hour, and here is what happen with the woes, remaining bomb in the morning, and look how they spike, at noon, and they are fast during the afternoon and tapers again, during the overnight. the big concern, also, is temperatures that are going to spike, 93 today and 99 tomorrow, 100 on wednesday, and 96, back to 93 on friday and 90s on saturday and sunday, hopefully the marine layer will reach up there and bringing them extra human, also. until that time it will only be worse before it is better. speak of issues, we find out about the commute.
5:35 am
we okay so far and we don't have major blocking issues, we have fog advisory for the golden gate bridge but the camera on the south under of the bridge is not looking too terrible at the moments but we could have patchy areas where it is denser. the drive tomorrow is not too bad so far this morning, and westbound 4, antioch to hercules is 28 minutes, if you coming westbound 80 from yellow to the green, 18 minutes and the metering lights are on for the bay bridge toll plaza and highway 85 to the san jose airport in green at eight minutes. we will check on mass transit in a few. >> thank you. >> developing in us from hayward this morning the police are have thing a deadly stabbing near cottonwood avenue and corkwood and it happened after 7:00 people, officers found the man suffering from stab wounds and he died at the scene. police are not release the man's name or any details on the possible suspects. this is hayward's eight homicide the career.
5:36 am
>> san jose police are trying to determine in a man arrested in a high speed chase is connected to a series of shootings that have a neighborhood on edge. >> this is video of end of the chase from yesterday morning. the pursuit went fast, up to 120 miles per hour at times. calls show that the vehicle matched the christmas of the car involved in several shootings in the blossom hill area the past few months and one delivery driver said the shootings have made him high other aware. >> i have two more stops and we did it until 11:00 and when it is night, you have to with out. that is that the ought clay has not officially been connected to shooting it shows the effort that san jose police are making to try and catch the suspect. >> the sister of a man shot skilled by milwaukee police is con deeing the violence take over the city. the officers battled angry crowd after the shooting of 23-year-old smith on saturday. foil say he was armed with a
5:37 am
lengthy criminal record the an officer was injured last night after someone threw a rock through a patrol car window. shooting victim was hospitalized. >> we need to build a relationship with the cops, the white cops although it was a black cop that killed the 23-year-old last night. >> smith's sister is asking protesters to stop the violence saying that community needs those businesses that now are being burned down. >> two san francisco police stations should be fully equipped with body cameras in the next few weeks including bayview and ingleside the first to put body cameras on all officers. the plan is to have all officers trained bit end of the year. sergeant conway said he wants people to be aware that cameras cannot catch every moment atry scene. >> happening today, hundreds of santa clara county court clerks will return to work a an eight day strike.
5:38 am
>> workers voted to ratify a tennive agreement, with details of the deal not released. workers demand add pay raise during negotiations and the strike delayed cases and backed up routine business at the courts. both sides met with a mediator last week. >> police need your help to catch two masked machine who robbed a trader joe's at gunpoint targeting this trader's on menlo avenue after close time on saturday night. detectives say the crooks ordered the remain employees to lay face down and demanded cash and made off with undisclosed amount money. right new police described robbers as two men with hooded sweatshirts one black and one gray. >> severe flooding in louisiana with the number of people being rescued has tripled in size overnight to 20,000. parts of the area haven seen 20" of rain since friday friday with
5:39 am
video showing parts of baton rouge submachine -- submerged and six have died. 10,000 are staying in shelters and the state is declared a major disaster. president obama has approved a request from the governor for emergency funds and we do not want that devastating rain here in the bay area but we could use some rain in the fire. >> we love to alleviate them of the rain but it is not come our way with a small hint that later in the week when we get the cooling trend some moisture, monsoon moisture could cop out wear but it is a really remote chance. right now i am watching the peninsula mid-to-upper 50s on the bay side and on the cost sides daly city and pacifica is 51 and half moon bay and san mateo is 54, and the rest of our neighborhoods most of us in the money 50s until santa rosa at 52, san jose and los gatos in the low-to-mid 60s. right now on the bay bridge you can see the fog is waffling sometimes it is thick and sometimes not. it is moving around and it is
5:40 am
dropping the mist and drizzle. the day planner shows 50s at the coast and 5 to 72, from noon to 4:00, an the bay and 78 to 90 inland, and while the 90 sound hot not so hot as over the weekend, and it will be comfortable around the bay and coast with 60 and 70s and warmer inland in the east bay tomorrow with the heat packing on -- packing on wednesday. a cooling strand is in the seven-day forecast. >> a minor issue on our traffic maps in marin county, on the light are side of traffic, northbound 101, just before you get to the robin williams tunnel, we are hearing of a disable vehicle blocking the right lane. i will watch it but why think it will turn interest any major headache. mass transit, okay with bart at this point with traffic ininterests early this morning in daly city, which have wrap up, as have the delays but, now, we have the san francisco bay ferry caption legislation from vallejo to san francisco at 8:00
5:41 am
a.m. departure not happening today so they have shuttle buses sheets up in places so plan accordingly. we will look at the central valley coming up in continue members. >> happening today, caltrain celebrating the signing of contracts to electrify the line between san francisco and the south by. last week, caltrain received a green light to move forward with the plans. two firms have agreed to hell deliver electrifyied infrastructure and new trains to the caltrain station accommodating more riders. caltrain will debut the community outreach office starting at 3:30 this morning in san mateo. >> terrifying moments at john f. kennedy airport and what sent passengers ducking for safety. >> trump has explanation for his slumping numbers with a target now
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daly city, dublin, los gatos and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> lake county cannot get a break. now, breaking news where a wildfire is continuing to burn. the clayton first is burning in lower lake and clear lake this morning. because of the high winds and the high temperatures, it has expanded in size yesterday afternoon. so far, 3,000 acres has burned and right now it is only 5%
5:45 am
contained crews from all offer the state have been called into help and this morning 500 homes are threatened. >> another body has been been found in maryland at an apartment fire, with eight people missing and the explosion rocked the complex on wednesday north of washington, dc. residents f the blast a mile away and flames engulfed the building. officials cannot link any of the victims to the eight people unaccounted for because no bodies have been identified. >> it is business as usual in new york city at john f. kennedy this morning after a report of "shots fired," led to chaos in two terminals overnight. here is that video. people scattered and hid. police arrived 30 seconds after receiving reports of "shots fired," in two terminals one for american and the other that houses several foreign carriers.
5:46 am
though found no evidence that any guns were fired. flights were delayed two hours. >> the republican presidential nominee donald trump will be in ohio today giving a speech on his land to tackle terrorism. g.o.p. leaders hope donald trump can focus on issues. instead he is lashing out at the media >> i am not running against cracked hillary clinton. i am running against the crooked media. >> in connecticut year, he blames his plummeting poll numbers on the media insisting that if he were fairly covered he would be betting democratic nominee hillary clinton by 20%. he followed that up with this statement by programming a cancer paint he would never lie to him. >> i might like to you like hillary clinton does but i never like to giacammo. >> hick will be in pennsylvania season joining vice president
5:47 am
biden at an event. >> students headed back-to-school and a love you will is help because of the general recentty of others. a charity group "give back," gave away 2,000 backpacks and school supplies. many families face tough decisions on budgeting for back-to-school essentials. >> as much as people believe the economy is turning around and things are fine and folks are employed that is not the story for everyone. >> we are grateful to receive the backpacks and school supplies. >> it works better so we do not waste money on backpacks. >> the group distributed a thousand pairs of shoes and other essential clotting items. all the kids have we hope a first day back. now, bay area high schools this morning, kudos with 14 finishing in the top 100 high schools in the united states, including cupertino at 18, based on many
5:48 am
criteria include those that prepare students for college and help overcome economic hurdles. cupertino and homestead high schools are ranked both in cupertino, and lynbrook is in san jose and another is in santa rosa. congratulations. >> good for them. now, mike nicco has the forecast. >> from the roof we can feel the mist. in san jose, it is just as cloudy and not so moist as here. clouds to sun today and clouds to clouds at the cost. cool to hot from the cost and inland, and clouds tonight, and a building heat wave until later in the week. today, we are beginning do have winds with ferry ride quiet this morning and from 1:00 o'clock to 9:00, the winds are town 38 miles per hour possible. in gilroy and morgan hill, flirting with 90 and los gatos at 88 and everyone else in the upper 70s to low 80s with
5:49 am
san jose at 81. on the peninsula, from clouds to sunshine to cooler-than-average temperatures a lot of mid-to-upper 70s and the coast side, half moon bay at upper 50s and milbrae at 68 back to the or side and 69. the marina is 58, and dallas is 58, and sunset is 56, balboa park and richmond and downtown in the low 60s. in the north by temperatures from the mid-70s to low 80s, and sausalito is the cool spot at 66. over to the east bay sure, upper 60s richmond and berkeley and low-to-mid 70s until you get to beyond city and fremont, and 79 and 80. and inland, that is the hot one again, but, in the, upper 80s to low 90s with the clouds tonight, temperatures are become in the low-to-upper 50s. tomorrow, a lot like today with the heat cranking up for a day on wednesday and nearly 100 again, inland, and 80s around the bay and 60 at the coast and slow tapering of temperatures until sunday when we are below average. >> good morning, it is the first
5:50 am
day of school for at the love students in the south bay and san francisco and basically all away, so keep that in mind and watch for the speed limits and the school zones and the walkers. you will have extra company. who are okay in san jose on 87 inbound, starting to increase a little bit but no major problems for the south bay. we got a new problem in if you are coming in through the fairfield area, westbound 80 near waterman boulevard, hearing of a multiconsider crash for now and it is blocking the right lane with debris scattered across multiple lanes, so, we will check on that in a few minutes and take a look at westbound 580 from tracy that is seven or eight miles per hours with stop-and-go traffic. >> new at 6:00, michael finney breaking down the best time to by a plane ticket. >> are you putting your newborn at risk? a new study could have you thinning ties with you put your baby down for a nap. >> we will share but the reason that adele said she istying down
5:51 am
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the abc7 news app, on the go, on your schedule. news that lives where you live. >> for information for moms and dad as study shows that the majority of parents put their infans in unsafe sleep positions. this is according to the american academy of pediatrics. though videotaped parents and watched them put their kids to sleep and the study showed that children are at risk because parents are putting their kids on their side, on their stomach, on soft surfaces, and loose bedding. we all of them increased sleep-related infant deaths. most common for babies between a month and a year old. >> a bill moving through the
5:54 am
state legislature would allow women to get a area's worth of birth control pills at one time. right now, insurance covers 30-90 day amounts. the change with make unintended pregnancies less likely because it reduces a chance of skipped doses. the california right-to-life committee opposes the bill. the legislation has passed the senate and it must now be approve by the assembly before the end of august to go to governor brown for consideration. >> california continues to recover from four years of drought, the reservoirs face a new problem, toxic algae, tests show the fast growing blue green sludge has appeared in 40 reservoirs. some of algae can be deadly to dogs and harmful to the rest of us. are toxins produced? >> the reservoir can be under bacteria bloom and it may not be producing toxins so if you do not mind getting green stuff on you, you are fine going into the water. >> that doesn't sound
5:55 am
delightful. experts blame the drought and global warming for the algae blooms and some of the reservoirs store drinking water. out tells treat the water to eliminate the algae before it res your tap. >> that good news. >> i was reading that santa clara water district had to pull water from a different reservoir soist tasted different the last couple of weeks. in mount tam you can see where the maymarine layer is. our extreme mid-to-upper 90s from lakeport and antioch and brentwood to the upper 50s in pacifica and daly city and the sunset. at the game tonight, pirates are in down and dropping do 56. 100 in fresno and 82 in lake tahoe. >> we are feeling the crunch southbound 680 if you come in from walnut creek, we have a
5:56 am
solid color of brake lights. it will be like that most the morning. this is the first day back-to-school for a lot of the districts. >> on our traffic, you can see the situation in the fairfield area, westbound 80 near waterman boulevard, multi-car crash, it was in the far left and right lane and just heard from c.h.p. and it is pushed to the shoulder but we have a decent delay. more on that in a few. >> right now we are talking about "star wars". the movie does not start until december 16 but people are going crazy over it. >> in watching the trailer, in this is any case, it shoulding a mega hit. >> major weapons system we need to destroy >> the trailer for the "star wars" story debuts during the first week of the olympic games and the trailer has been viewed own average a million times per hour. per hour. "star wars" is owned by disney
5:57 am
parent people of abc7. a lot of people with a lot time on their hands. >> they do. now, adele is watching the super bowl like the prosecute of us, on television. the exception are said she turned down an officer to perform at half time. ♪ hello ♪ can you hear me >> she can get a ticket if she wants performing in los angeles over the weekend and said the half time show is not about music and i quote, "i can't dance or anything like that." nfl officials say they are big fans but they have not made a trend inial offer. >> at 6:00 break news from nepal where a bus crash has left dozens people dead. >> we are continuing to track that fast moving fire in lake county with a report from lower lake where huge flames have devoured much of town. >> a mother to the rescue this bear saved her cubs when they were swept down a
5:58 am
(whispering) what are you doing up? (whispering) mom said i could have a midnight snack. well, i say it's late, and you need to go to bed. why? because i am the boss. you're not the boss, mom's the boss. well, technically, we are co-bosses. technically, mom's the boss. mmmm. shhh. the family favorite. yoplait.
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abc7 news begins with breaking news. >> the breaking news is coming out of lake county this morning, where fast moving wildfire continues to grow. >> thousands have been forced from their hopes and crews from across the bay area are heading north to help identity. for many, as you can see, it is too late. their homes and businesses are gone. >> we have team coverage this morning starting with amy hollyfield who is in lower lake, a hardest hit area. amy? look at this devastation, it was a two-story officer building, a real estate office on the bottom floor. the stairs is the only thing standing here. this is next to the habitat for humanity offices which also were burned. this block is in ruins, but, the fire is sporadic, it is fine across the st


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